Marmot Tungsten vs Catalyst

Marmot Tungsten vs Catalyst

Marmot Tungsten vs Catalyst, both of them are great tents with some differences, and one of them is better for you. I will be helping you to choose the suitable one for you regarding your needs and priorities. Both tents have different size options but in order to be exact in the comparison I have … Read more

Nemo Dragonfly vs Hornet

nemo dragonfly vs hornet

Nemo Dragonfly vs Hornet, they are both great backpacking tents which have a few differences. After extensive research of both tents, I have created this guideline to help you to pick the optimum one depending on your needs. Although both tents have options of 1p and 2p, I will be comparing 2p versions of the … Read more

Nemo Hornet vs Hornet Elite

Nemo Hornet vs Hornet Elite

Nemo Hornet vs Hornet Elite, They are the two high-quality backpacking tents of Nemo. As you can guess Nemo Hornet Elite is a bit pricier than Nemo Hornet, therefore it has better features. BUT, the optimum gear is not always the most expensive one, especially if you’re looking for a tent. The perfect tent depends … Read more

Marmot Limelight vs Limestone

Marmot Limelight vs limestone

If you love the great outdoors you are probably familiar with Marmot, they are well known for mid-range outdoor gear. But what about Marmot Limelight vs Limestone, which of these better? Actually, each tent is great for specific circumstances, so the best tent for you will vary depending on your needs. First things first, Marmot … Read more

Coleman Evanston vs Steel Creek

coleman evanstone vs steel creek

Coleman Evanston vs Steel Creek; they are both great tents but there are a number of key differences. If you are in a hurry, I can confidently say that Coleman Steel Creek is a much better option, since it has a lower setup time, weight and smaller pack size while providing the same capacity. Before … Read more

Where to Pitch a Tent

where to pitch a tent

Camping outdoors is a lot of fun, and being in nature is healthy for our bodies. But a camper should be prepared for everything because nature is not a thing to underestimate. One of the keystones of being well-prepared is to find where to pitch a tent. Choosing the optimum spot to set up your … Read more