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Thermarest Z Lite vs RidgeRest

Thermarest Z Lite vs RidgeRest

Thanks to its quality products, perhaps the first brand that comes to mind when you think of a sleeping pad is Thermarest. Thermarest offers a huge range of products, but in this article, I will compare the two top foam sleeping pads in its line, Thermarest Z Lite vs RidgeRest. If you’re in a hurry, … Read more

how do self inflating sleeping pads work

How Do Self Inflating Sleeping Pads Work

Self-inflating sleeping pads are without a doubt the most convenient gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Even though they’re a bit bulkier compared to air sleeping pads if you have enough space on your backpack and don’t mind the extra load, in contrast to normal sleeping pads they’re more insulated and comfortable. Quick Note: Some people prefer … Read more

types of sleeping pads

Types of Sleeping Pads

There are three types of sleeping pads. They are; Air sleeping pads, Open-Cell (Self Inflating) Sleeping pads and Closed Cell sleeping pads. After explaining the main sleeping pad types we will also cover what to look for when purchasing a sleeping pad. Types of Sleeping Pads Air Sleeping Pads For air sleeping pads your cushion … Read more

Best cold weather sleeping pads

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Pads of 2020

It is crucial to choose the right sleeping pad for a fun winter camping. It might be frustrating to find the proper gear. Therefore, I have selected the Top 5 Best Cold Weather Sleeping Pads for you by doing extensive research and comparisons. If you are in a hurry I can confidently say Exped Megamat … Read more

Smallest Sleeping Pad when packed

Smallest Sleeping Pad When Packed of 2020: Top 5 Picks

Packing the smallest yet the most convenient gear is extremely important, especially if you are backpacking, therefore, we have written this comprehensive buying guide for the “smallest sleeping pad when packed“. What to Look For When choosing a Sleeping Pad Rather Than Small Packed Size It is important to find the smallest sleeping pad when … Read more

sleeping pad vs. air mattress

Sleeping Pad vs Air Mattress

Sleeping is extremely important if you want a fun, relaxing camping trip. In order to sleep well and comfortable, you need to choose the proper gear. If you want to know the differences between “Sleeping Pad vs Air Mattress” and if you wonder which one is the best? You should know that when it comes … Read more

Best sleeping pads for bad backs

Best Sleeping Pads for Bad Backs

If you have a bad back the most important gear for you is the sleeping pad. We have gathered the best sleeping pads for bad backs so you can have a great camping experience without thinking about your back. Camping is a lot of fun, but without the right equipment, it can also be a … Read more