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MSR Dromedary vs Dromlite

Undoubtedly, MSR is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to outdoor gear. They have a wide range of products from tents to water reservoirs. Today, we are going to make a comprehensive comparison of two of the best water reservoir models, MSR Dromedary vs Dromlite.

In summary, if you need a very compact, lightweight yet durable hydration bag that can handle also freezing water, you should go for MSR Dromlite, it has 2L, 4L and 6L versions. MSR Dromedary, on the hand, is a bit heavier and bulkier but a much more durable hydration bag that offers 4L, 6L, and 10 L options and can handle both boiling water and freezing water.

Detailed Overview of MSR Dromedary and Dromlite

MSR Dromedary Review

MSR Dromedary bags

Dromedary is the popular hydration bag of MSR which comes in 3 different sizes; 4L 6L 10L. It’s made of very thick, robust material (Abrasion-resistant 1,000D fabric, laminated with food-grade polyurethane) to provide maximum durability, waterproofness, and heat resistance.

It can be used in any outdoor activity, from a 10-day kayak camp to a daily hike, and it can handle both freezing water and boiling water. It comes with cords attached to the bladder. With these cords, you can attach the bag to your motorcycle/Backpack/Kayak, and hang it on a tree or rock when you arrive at the campsite.

One great thing about this bag is, unlike other water bags, it has a handle to ease the carrying process. If you’ve ever tried to carry 10 liters of water with a bag that doesn’t have a handle you would know what I’m talking about.

It has 3 spout design. You can easily drink from the bag by using the smallest spout, you can fill your pot or kettle by using the second/slightly bigger spout, or you can use the biggest spout for filling/emptying.

MSR Dromedary 4LMSR Dromedary 6LMSR Dromedary 10L
Weight6.9 oz / 0.2 kg8.7 oz / 0.25 kg10 oz / 0.28 kg
PricesMSR Dromedary 4LMSR Dromedary 6LMSR Dromedary 10L

MSR Dromlite Review

MSR Dromlite Bags

MSR Dromlite is the perfect hydration bag for lightweight outdoor adventures, it comes with 3 different sizes; 2L 4L 6L.

msr dromlite folded

The great thing about Dromlite is, it can fold down to the size of its cap, which makes it perfect for ultralight hiking, trekking activities.

Although it’s not as robust as Dromedary, due to its rugged film and RF-welded seams, Dromlite is still very durable for a water bag at this weight.

Just like MSR Dromedary, MSR Dromlite also features a 3-in-1 cap to let you fill, drink, and pour with ease.

MSR Dromlite 2LMSR Dromlite 4LMSR Dromlite 6L
Weight4.6 oz / 0.13 kg5.1 oz / 0.15 kg5.7 oz / 0.16 kg
PricesMSR Dromlite 2LMSR Dromlite 4LMSR Dromlite 6L

Detailed Comparison of MSR Dromedary vs Dromlite


While MSR Dromlite has only a small loop strap at the top, MSR Dromedary has two long straps at each side to make it easier to hang or attach to a tree.

MSR Dromedary vs Dromlite Strap Comparison


MSR Dromlite is specifically made for lightweight travels, therefore it’s much lighter. While MSR Dromlite 4L is only 4.6 oz (0.13 kg), MSR Dromedary 4L weighs 6.9 oz (0.2 kg).

Also for one-day hiking trips and other short period outdoor adventures, unlike MSR Dromedary, MSR Dromlite offers a 2L version.


To be honest, both are compact and foldable, but MSR Dromlite is the clear winner here, it’s made of thinner material therefore it can fold down to the size of its cap.

msr dromlite folded


This is where MSR Dromedary shines, it’s made of very thick and robust material, therefore it’s a much better option for those who like it durable, and robust. Due to its thick, and sturdy material, it’s the better option for extreme camping.


As I’ve already mentioned earlier, MSR Dromlite has 3 different versions; 2L, 4L, and 6L. MSR Dromedary also has 3 versions with the capacities of 4L, 6L, and 10L.

MSR Dromedary bags
MSR Dromedary Bags
MSR Dromlite Bags
MSR Dromlite Bags

Water Temperature

This is a feature that most people miss, while MSR Dromlite is only suitable for cold water, you can fill both boiling and freezing water to MSR Dromedary.

Plastic Taste

If you’ve ever used any other hydration bladders before, you might know what I’m talking about here, with most of them, the water tastes plasticky while drinking, but both MSR Dromedary and Dromlite are laminated with a BPA-free lining therefore with both bladders, water tastes like the water at home.


Both water reservoirs are compatible with other MSR products, such as MSR MiniWorks EX Water Purifier.

Cap & Handle

MSR Dromedary and Dromlite use the same cap, and the handle of these water bags are attached to the cap. So, for the MSR Dromedary vs Dromlite comparison, they’re exactly the same.

The cap has a three spout desing:

  • The first one is for drinking directly from the cap, it pours water with a small flow
  • The second one pours the water with slightly higher flow, it can be used for filling the cookware
  • The third one is used for completely emptying or filling

MSR Dromedary 4L vs Dromlite 4L: Specs Comparison

MSR Dromedary 4LMSR Dromlite 4L
MSR DromedaryMSR Dromlite
Weight6.9 oz / 0.2 kg5.1 oz / 0.15 kg
PricesMSR Dromedary 4LMSR Dromlite 4L

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