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Marmot Halo vs Limestone

Marmot Halo vs Limestone, they are without a doubt two of the best car camping tents in the market.

First things first, there is no such thing as the best car camping tent, the best one for you depends on your needs. I will be comparing two tents by their weight, pack size, construction, durability, interior volume, and other features in order to help you to choose the most suitable tent for you.

Marmot Halo has options of 4-person and 6-person and Marmot Limestone offers 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person models, In this guide, I have compared 6p models of the tents. But you can use this guide even if you are looking for a 4p or 6p tent as well, the only thing that will be changing is the sizes.

In summary, even though Marmot Halo is 3 lbs heavier and packs down a bit bigger than Marmot Limestone, it offers much more interior volume, floor area, vestibule area and it has a more waterproof fly.

Marmot Halo 6p vs Marmot Limestone 6p: Specifications

 Marmot Halo 6pMarmot Catalyst
marmot halomarmot limestone
Packed Weight20lbs 1.5oz (9110g)17lbs 3oz (7790g)
Pack SizeØ14.5" x 25.5" / Ø 36 x 64 cmØ10.5" x 28" / Ø26 x 71 cm
Floor Dimensions 118" x 118" / 300 cm x 300 cm120" x 100" / 305 x 254cm
Height75.5" / 192 cm76" / 193 cm
Floor Area96.7 ft² / 9 sq m83.3 ft² / 7.7 m²
Canopy Fabric
40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R | 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R | 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R
Vestibule Area32 ft² + 32 ft² / 3 m² + 3 m²27 ft² + 12 ft² / 2.5 m² + 1.1 m²
Floor Fabric150d 100% Polyester Oxford 3000mm W/R, F/R150d 100% Polyester Oxford 3000mm W/R, F/R
Fly Fabric
68d 100% Polyester Ripstop 1800mm W/R, F/R68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 1500mm F/R
Check PricesCheck Price on Amazon
Check Price on Amazon

Construction: Marmot Halo vs Limestone

Floor Area

Floor area is highly important for family camping, I recommend getting a 6p tent even if you are a family of 4 (for car camping, weight shouldn’t be the biggest priority).

When it comes to Floor area comparison of Marmot Halo vs Limestone, Marmot Halo is the winner with the floor area of 96.7 ft² which is %16 bigger compared to Marmot Limestone (83.3 ft²).

Marmot Halo vs Limestone dimension comparison

Vestibule Area

Vestibule area is nearly as important as floor area for family camping, it is where you put your portable chairs/table and sometimes your gear (if you want more room inside the tent).

Again, for the Vestibule Area comparison, Marmot Halo is the winner. It offers symmetrical 32 ft² + 32 ft² vestibule area (which is %64 bigger compared to Marmot Limestone) on each side of the tent. On the other hand, Marmot Limestone offers unsymmetrical 27 ft² + 12 ft²(front and back) vestibules.

Interior Volume

To be honest, both tents have a great clip placement on the canopy, therefore, they both offer a great amount of interior volume.

BUT Marmot Halo offers a bit more volume, due to its extra two “all-around poles” to tighten the canopy to create a more liveable place.

Marmot Halo:

Marmot Limestone has 2 extra poles as well, but they don’t tighten all around the tent as I showed below.

Marmot Limestone:


The breathability of a tent can be understood by its mesh ratio and mesh distribution (means strategic mesh placement on the canopy).

Both tents are highly breathable, they both have high mesh ratio, the only difference is their mesh distribution.

Marmot Limestone‘s almost whole front wall and nearly %30 of its sidewalls are with mesh, on the other hand, Marmot Halo‘s mesh is distributed strategically to the upper wall, sidewalls, and the doors.

Durability & Waterproofness: Limestone vs Halo

A tent’s durability can be understood by its fabrics’ density, and also the waterproofness of a tent can be understood by its mm metric. Both tents are made the same fabric (except the rainfly) that is considered highly durable, highly waterproof.

Marmot HaloMarmot Limestone
Canopy68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R|40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R|40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R
Floor150d 100% Polyester Oxford 3000mm W/R, F/R150d 100% Polyester Oxford 3000mm W/R, F/R
Fly68d 100% Polyester Ripstop 1800mm W/R, F/R68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 1500mm F/R

Note: Marmot Halo‘s fly fabric is made of Polyester Ripstop 1800mm which is more water-resistant compared to Marmot Limestone.

Since they are both made of 68d and 150d Polyester they are highly durable compared to other tents in the market.

Just to give you an idea about the durability of the tents, below I’ve gathered floor fabric materials of other 6p tents in the market:

TentFloor Fabric
Marmot Halo 6 & Limestone 6150D Poly 3000mm
Kelty Wireless 668D Poly 1800mm
Kelty Discovery Dome 668D Poly 1200mm
Mountainsmith Upland 668D Poly (None mm metric details)
MSR Habitude 668D Poly 10000mm

Here is a quick video of Marmot Halo 6P in rain:

The main reason I put this video is to show you the importance of a footprint, it needs to be bought separately, and it’s extremely important especially if you’re into cold-weather camping.

Check out the latest prices of Marmot Footprint on Amazon.

Weight & Packsize of Limestone and Halo

When it comes to weight and pack size Marmot Limestone is the clear winner, it weighs 20 lbs 1.5 oz and packs down to Ø 14.5″ x 25.5″ while Marmot Halo weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and packs down to Ø 10.5″ x 28″.

But as they are both car camping tents, weight and pack size shouldn’t be as important as roominess, so trust me, don’t mind carrying the 3 lbs, and go with Marmot Halo…

Features of Marmot Halo and Limesone

Both tents feature:

  • “Jingle-Free Nylon Zipper Pulls” which decreases the noise to get a good night sleep
  • “Color-Coded Clips and Poles” for easy setup
  • “Light-Reflecting Points” to help you find your tent easily during the night
  • Interior Pockets to organize your gear

Marmot Halo additionally features extra panels to zip the doors closed for more privacy.


To sum it up,

  • Marmot Halo’s floor area is % 16 bigger than Marmot Limestone
  • Marmot Halo’s Vestibule area is %64 bigger than Marmot Limestone
  • Both tens have a great Interior volume but Marmot Halo is slightly roomier than Marmot Limestone
  • Both tents are made of same dense fabric, therefore, they are both highly durable
  • Their floors are equally waterproof (3000 mm) but Marmot Halo’s fly (1800mm) is more waterproof than Marmot Limestone’s fly (1500mm)
  • Both tents are highly breathable
  • Marmot Limestone is 3 lbs lighter and packs down smaller than Marmot Halo

Check out the latest prices of Marmot Halo and Marmot Limestone.

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