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Helinox Ground Chair vs Chair One

I believe the key to the most comfortable and enjoyable camping or, the outdoor experience is a reliable chair. Whether your destination is the park, the beach, a campsite, or great outdoors, one thing you would want to carry with you is a chair that will provide comfort and stability.

With so many alternatives on the market, you will want to choose the one that best fits your expectations. Today, I will compare two of the newest chairs of the iconic Helinox line. The Helinox Ground Chair vs Chair One, they might seem similar in design and functionality but I will explain their features in detail for you to make the best and final decision for your needs.

If you’re in hurry, the decisive factor between the two ultra-lightweight chairs is their dimensions. The Helinox Chair One is built-in with legs that sit higher and Helinox Ground Chair is designed with boxed legs that sit very low to the ground hence the name “Ground Chair.”

Specs: Helinox Ground Chair vs Chair One

 Helinox Ground ChairHelinox Chair One
Helinox Ground Chair
Helinox Chair One
Height 19.7" / 50 cm25.5" / 66 cm
Width20" / 52 cm19.5" / 50 cm
Depth17.3" / 44 cm20 in / 52 cm
Chair Weight1 lb. 5 oz. / 0.615 kg1 lbs. 15 oz. / 0.89 kg
Packed Dimension
11.8" x 4.3" x 4.3" / 30cm x 11cm x 11cm13.5" x 4.5" x 3.5" / 46cm x 12cm x 10cm
Packed Weight
1 lb. 7 oz. / 0.64 kg 2 lbs. 2 oz. / 0.96 kg
Capacity265 lb / 120 kg
320 lb / 145 kg
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Detailed Overview: Helinox Chair One vs Ground Chair

Capacity & Dimenisons

The two chairs are different in their height and position of their legs. While Helinox Ground Chair offers 19.7″ of seated height, the seated height of Helinox Chair One is 25.5″. Another factor is their capacity; Helinox Chair One has a capacity of 320 lb compared to Ground Chair’s 265 lb. The Ground Chair, as you would expect, packs down smaller and lighter.

So, if you are heavier than 265 lb (120 kg), Chair One would be suitable for you. If you are not and would like to exchange a typical 4-legged chair, with an extremely lightweight option, you can go for the Ground Chair. Keep in mind that the Ground Chair has a slightly wider seat. Their height is the other difference between two chairs with Chair One is higher than the Ground Chair.

Helinox Chair One vs Ground Chair Dimensions

Helinox Chair One is 11″ off the ground, on the other hand, Ground Chair is 4.7″ off the ground. The main decisive factor to consider here would be personal height and weight.

Please also note that since the Ground Chair is closer to the ground, it might be a little harder to get up from it.

On the other hand, it gives you a wider and comfortable seat so when you sit and stretch out your legs, you should be fine. Still, if you think you are taller and heavier for Ground Chair, you may go with the classic Chair One which also has more depth in its seat.

And also if you think both chairs have a very low back support, check out my article where I talk about Helinox Chair Two and Sunset Chair.

Weight & Packability

Both Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair are made of advanced alloy DAC aluminum pole frames and durable 600-weave polyester seats but as Ground Chair is shorter and lighter, it weighs less and packs down smaller compared to the Chair One.

Packed Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair have respective weights of 2 lbs. 2 oz. and 1 lb. 7 oz. Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair pack down to 13.5″ x 4.5″ x 3.5″ and 11.8″ x 4.3″ x 4.3″ in that order.

Helinox Chair OneHelinox Ground Chair
Helinox Chair One Storage BagHelinox Ground Chair Packed Dimensions

If I have to put it another way, Helinox Ground Chair weighs %33.3 less and packs down %12.5 smaller than Helinox Chair One.

This means Helinox Ground Chair would be a better option for thru-hikers or ultralight backpackers. If you’re willing to sacrifice weight for a higher seating design, you can go for the classic Helinox Chair One.

If you want an even lighter chair, check out my review about the Helinox Chair Zero.


Both chairs are very easy to set up and pack down, they are made of high denier polyester and ultra-durable and breathable feature mesh on sides and back.

Features of Helinox Chair One

One disadvantage with Chair One might be its legs if they sink into the soft ground in different environments such as the beach or park soil. This might create an unstable seating experience but you can easily solve the problem with a compatible Ground Sheet or Ball Feet set from Helinox gear.

Helinox Chair One

Features of Helinox Ground Chair

Ground Chair on the other hand; sits low and steady on the ground. This might make this chair a little harder to get in and out of but please consider that it is also very comfortable and a great fit for when you have a smaller room in your backpack.

Approximate distance from the ground to the lowest point of seat base when the chair is empty is 12 cm for Ground Chair and 27 cm for Chair One.

Helinox Ground Chair

Both chairs are compatible with Helinox accessories like seat warmers, daisy chains, or chair anchors but the classic Helinox Chair One has a wider selection of useful additional equipment. You can get a Ground Sheet for more stability where needed or you can get a Cup Holder for when you want to enjoy a cold beverage at the beach or a hot coffee on a camping trip. Helinox is a brand that thought everything to improve your experience with their products.

Chair One also comes with multiple seat colors ranging from red, blue, green with or without shapes like blocks, triangles, or stripes but you can also achieve the color of your choice for the Ground Chair with seat warmers even if it has limited options.

Accessories of Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair

Helinox Cup Holder for Chair One

Helinox Cup Holder

Helinox Cup Holder is a very cool accessory that is not compatible with Helinox Ground Chair (due to its design).

But if you decide to go with the Helinox Chair One, I assure you, drinking a hot beverage on your camping chair makes adventures much relaxing.

Helinox Ground Sheet for Chair One

Helinox Ground Sheet

Uneven or soft ground can be a challenge for a 4-legged chair. The Ground Sheet evenly distributes the weight creating balance and stability. For an increased option to use your chair anywhere you want, you might consider purchasing this little helper. You can pack it up with the chair in the same bag and it is super easy to set up, it would only take seconds.

Helinox Seat Warmers for Chair One and Ground Chair

Helinox Seat Warmer

Helinox Seat Warmer is a great addition to increase comfort in your outdoor experience. These warmers are compatible with both the Chair One and Ground Chair. Where insulation creates a problem in colder weather, seat warmers give you warmth and protection.

If you do not have a camp pillow and you do not want to purchase a new one; or even in a situation where you need an extra headrest for a friend, you can easily use this soft cushion filled with duck feathers.


Helinox Ground Chair

The Ground Chair is extremely lightweight weighing only 1 lb. 7 oz., you can pack it even in your handbag. Thanks to its compact frame, having a chair with you on your trips is no longer a luxury.

The Ground Chair has a different design than other chairs in Helinox gear, it is built to have a square base which makes it extra sturdy and very comfortable. It is less likely to sink into the soft ground compared to classic 4-legged chairs. But this feature can also be a drawback when you want to easily get in and off the chair.

Since it sits closer to the ground you might find it hard to keep your balance. The Ground Chair is a bit more reclined compared to the Chair One so the lack of adequate back support can also pose a challenge. Check out the latest price of Helinox Ground Chair on Amazon.

Helinox Chair one

The Helinox Chair One is higher from the ground with better back support in contrast to Ground Chair. The lowest part of Chair One’s seat is approximately 10.5 inches or 27 cm off the ground and the seat is also deeper. You will need to trade this off with a little bit of weight but I can say that the comfort is worth the extra 12.5% lb.

One of the disadvantages of 4-legged chairs is that their legs might not equally distribute your weight hence creating instability. This classic design also implies that, to some degree, the chair unavoidably will sink into the soft or uneven ground.

However, both of these issues can easily be solved with either a Helinox Ground Sheet or removable Helinox Ball Feet. But keep in mind that extra accessories mean more weight. Please also consider the chairs have different load capacities. Check out the latest price of Helinox Chair One on Amazon.

My verdict is; if stability and ultra lightweight gear are important for you, you can go with the Ground Chair, if you prioritize versatility and comfort you can go with Chair One.

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