How Do Self Inflating Sleeping Pads Work

how do self inflating sleeping pads work

Self-inflating sleeping pads are without a doubt the most convenient gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Even though they’re a bit bulkier compared to air sleeping pads if you have enough space on your backpack and don’t mind the extra load, in contrast to normal sleeping pads they’re more insulated and comfortable. Quick Note: Some people prefer … Read more

Camping Playlists for Outdoor Activities

Camping Playlists

My two big addictions are music and outdoors. The greatest pleasures of my life actually happened when they were combined. I had an unbelievable night by listening to my favorite songs under millions of stars when camping in Budapest. So, to make these moments unforgettable for you too, I will be sharing the camping playlists … Read more

What Are Tents Made Of?

What are tents made of

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who likes to know every detail about his/her gear or if you’re a fellow who likes to know everything before making a purchase (such as me) then keep reading. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about tent fabrics. What are the Main Parts of Tents? … Read more

Types of Sleeping Pads

types of sleeping pads

There are three types of sleeping pads. They are; Air sleeping pads, Open-Cell (Self Inflating) Sleeping pads and Closed Cell sleeping pads. After explaining the main sleeping pad types we will also cover what to look for when purchasing a sleeping pad. Types of Sleeping Pads Air Sleeping Pads For air sleeping pads your cushion … Read more

Sleeping Pad vs Air Mattress

sleeping pad vs. air mattress

Sleeping is extremely important if you want a fun, relaxing camping trip. In order to sleep well and comfortable, you need to choose the proper gear. If you want to know the differences between “Sleeping Pad vs Air Mattress” and if you wonder which one is the best? You should know that when it comes … Read more

Where to Pitch a Tent

where to pitch a tent

Camping outdoors is a lot of fun, and being in nature is healthy for our bodies. But a camper should be prepared for everything because nature is not a thing to underestimate. One of the keystones of being well-prepared is to find where to pitch a tent. Choosing the optimum spot to set up your … Read more