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Camping Playlists for Outdoor Activities

My two big addictions are music and outdoors. The greatest pleasures of my life actually happened when they were combined. I had an unbelievable night by listening to my favorite songs under millions of stars when camping in Budapest.

So, to make these moments unforgettable for you too, I will be sharing the camping playlists I’ve created for every outdoor activity.

Daytime Camping Playlists

Screaming into the Woods

The great thing about outdoor is, you can release all the stress you’ve been having in the city life. And what better way to forget the anxiety of the city and to free your lungs than singing as loud as you can into the woods.


I like to keep myself energetic while I am hiking outdoors, therefore I listen to dynamic songs. Here are my favorite spirited songs:

Cooking Outdoors

When cooking, I like to listen to mild and sweet songs that make me feel like a chef in Italy, like Più di te – Mina.

Daydreaming in the Sun

To expand my imagination, I gathered songs that are calm, melodic, and easy to listen to.

Nighttime Camping Playlists

Sitting around the Campfire

When I go camping with my friends, we usually prefer listening to chill tunes that wouldn’t suppress our conversation but keep our mood up.


I like to sleep under the stars and using them as my night lantern, therefore, I have created a playlist that contains my deepest tunes to increase the pleasure of stargazing.

Camping with Your Valentine

Last but not least, probably the most important playlist in the article. Believe you me, the most important ingredient for an unforgettable night with your lover is the right music, I keep this playlist as romantic and as deep as it can be.

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